Sunday, January 17, 2010

Desperate Haitians stealing from one another

Traumatised and desperate, Haitians are fighting amongst themselves trying to secure life's essentials, "T-shirts, bags, toys and any other items they can find in destroyed houses and shops." As an alternative they could perhaps put more effort into trying to figure out what to do with the rations being air-dropped to them:

About 10 US helicopters have flown over Port-au-Prince, landing in open spaces to throw out boxes of water-bottles and ready-to-eat meals.

However most Haitians appeared clueless about what to do with the food packages, witnesses said.

Tear them open and eat the food inside. Fortunately the water bottles are labelled with illustrated instructions.

Next will come complaints that the MREs do not appeal to Haitians' tastes: surely the U.S. can supply better tasting food. And what's the deal with supplying meals high in calories and low in fibre? Just imagine the whining from the Left when Haitians end up overweight and chronically constipated.


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