Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sea Sheriff

Tired of screwing around, Japanese whalers have deployed a mystery "weapon":

Some of the crew aboard the Shonan Maru No. 2 were also wearing cylinders on their backs attached to (as yet unidentified) hand-held devices resembling weapons.

I'm not a religious man but just muttered a short prayer hoping those cylinders are attached to flame throwers. A rancid butter-tosser getting toasted would be great entertainment.

The Bob Barker has been chasing the Sonan Maru 2, trying to get it to stop so its captain can be arrested:

Said Captain Paul Watson, President and Founder of Sea Shepherd, "Captain Pete Bethune had little choice but to attempt to serve the arrest warrant himself. Down here at the edge of nowhere, without back up from his government, he found he was the only sheriff in town. A captain of a ship that has been sunk by another captain has the authority to bring his attacker to justice. Captain Bethune has been attempting to do just that."

Yeah, is the New Zealand government useless, or what? I mean, nothing should take priority over arresting the captain of a ship that steamed into a vessel hazarded by its skipper. Just imagine how angry Watson is going to be when he learns the Kiwis, instead of running to his aid, are helping Haitians. Whales! We must save the whales!

And isn't it just a bit odd that in 2008 Watson had a big cry to the media about being "shot" in the chest but didn't demand government intervention and certainly didn't try to citizen's arrest anyone. You know, I'm certainly not in favour of harpooning whales but there's no way I can support Sea Shepherd: no cause led by an ego-maniacal liar is worth supporting.


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