Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This week's media follows a simple pattern. Hamas fires rockets and tries to kill Jews. Media says nothing. Iran threatens to destroy the Jewish state. Media says nothing.

Israel says they might respond, or (in the case of Gaza) actually does respond and then people go nuts. It's similar to the criminal who tries to tell the magistrate that the trouble only started after the policeman hit him back.

This was forwarded to me by email and sums it up.

The Australian has provided a nice example of what the ABC does and does not decide to report and it says plenty.

Unfortunately there is a simple message that the Arab-Muslims and other Jew-haters still don't seem to have realised:

Why the world continues to see Jew-murderers, democracy haters, head-choppers and woman beaters as the victim is beyond me.



Anonymous Vaclav said...

Sadly there is no possible way for Israel to make peace with the Palestinians. It is religiously impossible for the Palestinians to enter into a permanent peace with Israel. A quick perusal of the Hamas charter makes that much clear. There have been many opportunities for peace but the Palestinians have consistently chosen the path of violence. Some say they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity but in reality they have taken every opportunity to murder Jews. As a society they idolise their worst terrorists.

Israel is now in a period of phony war with Iran (through its wholly owned subsidiary entities PIJ and Hezbollah). When they are strong enough to act against Israel there will be another holocaust.

Few in Europe will weep. Obama will consider it a price worth paying for his re-election. He certainly doesn't want to take any serious steps against Iran right now even as he repeats, in ever more hollow cadence, that Israel has no better friend and ally than the US.

Everyone can see this coming but few have the stomach to call it for what it is, much less do anything about it. Most are too busy berating Israel for defending itself. Such is the banality of moral evil.

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Ian said...

Michael Brull is at it again.


2:58 PM  

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