Monday, March 12, 2012

Bums Working in Hospitals

A bizarre request for assistance at the Ask Bossy blog.
Dear Bossy: I need to ask u a question and I want an honest answer ....
I am 40 married with 2 kids, and me & my wife have sex once in 2 month, and she in NOT AT ALL interested in sex, not even Kissing

I have a junior colleague (we both are doctors in a hospital), she is 29, and she is engaged to be married in december this year….I have know her for 3 years but came to know her really well last year…and we have become good friends, she is quite good looking and I have the hots for her, we have spent many hours together when we were preparing for her exams.

I was tutoring her, during that time I have given her numerous massages mostly on her back and her face….and many times her bums….slipping my hands under her pants and kneading and massaging her bums....since then when ever we are together I always love to touch her….and caress her….her arms, her shoulders, her hair, her face and even slip my hands under her top and caress her tummy or her back.
Comments to the post enquire how many bums this woman has.

Read it again.

This. Guy. Is. A. Doctor in an Australian hospital. Stupid on so, so many levels.


Anonymous Dr Jekyll said...

Medicare comes at a price and Dr Strange Love is but one symptomatic example.

Demand soars when you give away valuable medical services. The government then subsidises medical places and even tinpot universities have med schools.

Medicare also reduces the income of doctors and alternative careers look far more attractive.

Medicare has also reduced the quality of practice. A large portion of a GPs practice now consists of patients showing up for a free session trying to scam drugs, a day off work or services previously dispensed by the clergy.

The combination of higher demand and less supply has an inevitable consequence. Couple this with a selection process based on interviews with a panel more interested in diversity than ability and you have a disaster waiting to happen.

Whereas once only the best and brightest made it to med school with TERs of 99 and above, now it is not uncommon to see med students with an ATAR in the 70s (and the ATAR scoring has been adjusted to make sure more students get high marks so that the poor little dears can feel good about themselves).

Many universities nowadays don't even teach basic subjects like anatomy in their post-grad courses - the students are expected to pick up bits and pieces in their clinical studies. Maybe the new med schools are short of cadavers to practice on. If so, this situation is likely to be remedied in the near future as more and more doctors educated under the new system join the profession.

This is going to get even worse when people educated under the current system start teaching as will inevitably happen as those who are truly incompetent at their jobs inevitably end up teaching. The Dr Feelgoods of this world will be quite at home preying on their young students, especially the stupid ones who need to find alternative ways of passing their courses.

The fact is that people who, in years gone by, would struggle to become nurses are now doctors. We will all pay a price for this. On the other hand we will have a lot of pretty smart dentists and vets to call on.

7:20 AM  
Anonymous PeterB said...

Of course it could always be along the lines of " I've been reading your magazine for some time but never thought anythinglike this would happen to me, but......."

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somebody is trying to have a lend of Bossy. Don't believe everything you read.

3:18 PM  

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