Sunday, March 18, 2012

Anal Rapists for Palestine

Leftarded supporters of the most violent and misognystic ideology on the planet are apparently surprised that they're being called names.
At the demonstration today...I noticed looks and finger pointing from the shabab [young Palestinians] that made me feel some discomfort. They talked amongst themselves, and not with me, but the word that came up quite a lot was ‘slut’... there was some ‘accidental’ touching, and some incidents in which people called me a ‘slut.’ In the end of the day, it was a very unpleasant experience.”
Hey, try being beheaded!
In April 2010, an American peace activist filed a complaint against a Palestinian, charging he had tried to rape her. The suspect was later freed when the activist withdrew her complaint.
Can't imagine what compelled her to change her mind... Don't you hate it when you're trying to help Jew-murderers and they go and show their gratitude by raping you?

And we're not just talking the usual Sheik Faiz Mohammed or Bilal Skaf approved Islamo-rape either,
“When the solidarity movement released its new campaign with the Vaseline, hinting at anal rape, with the caption ‘shut up, bend over and swallow, you know you want to’ conjuring the most appalling imagery of sexual violence, I was angered, but unfortunately, I wasn’t surprised. In all honesty, the left isn’t as good at keeping gender equality as they think they are.”
The Left isn't as good at anything, as they think they are.

Update: Palestinians fire their rifles in the air at a funeral (charming bunch).  Falling bullets kill an eight year old child. Guess who they try to blame...

Update II: Palestinian gets hurt falling off a swing in 2006. Top tweet for #Gaza in March 2012 currently claims that the girl was recently hurt in an Israeli airstrike. The liar who started the tweet, works for the UN.



Blogger Wilbur Post said...

"Hi everyone, I'm writing this here because I'm not really sure when the next meeting will be. At the demonstration today (February 10, 2012) in Kfar a-Dik ...

There's such a place?

9:05 AM  
Blogger Minicapt said...

Brings to mind this:


11:52 AM  
Anonymous Bruce said...

Interesting thing about falling bullets: if fired straight up, they don't come down at high velocity.

They will hurt, they MIGHT break the skin and cause minor fracturing in a child's skull, but they are VERY unlikely to affect a complete and fatal penetration of the skull.

Caveat, we are talking about your basic 7.62 x 39 AK/SKS projectile.

12.7mm is probably another matter.

IF fired at a lower angle, the bullet will retain some potentially dangerous forward momentum throughout the trajectory.

Any good pictures of the fatal wound? If the skull is a funny shape and has bits missing and brains oozing out, the wound was inflicted at close range.

These loopy goat-botherers seem to be not only somewhat cavalier in their weapons-handling technique, but quite enthusiastic about converting the victims of such stupidity into faux victims of the Israelis.

Let them have their own state. Let them commit the act of war they so desperately desire. Apply attitude adjustment as until all hostile action ceases.

12:00 PM  

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