Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Brullshit grows deeper

Michael Brull on the ABC's unhinged Unleashed website:
Well, that's the thing about being Israel. It can kill Arabs whenever it feels like, make up any story it likes, and still get an easy ride in the Western media.
Well, that's the thing about being Michael Brull or Antony Loewenstein. You can make a completely baseless slur that resembles a blood libel, and you'll still get taken seriously by the ABC.

Michael Brull, the poor man's Antony Loewenstein has a history of making stuff up and being breathtakingly wrong (see my comments on this post).

However just like Antony Loewenstein, he's considered good enough for 'Our ABC'. His post is followed by comments from "Mulga Mumblebrain", an anti-Semite long since banned from most Australian political blogs and this whack job conspiracy theory:
The only way the " terrorists " who are probably Mossad operatives will stop is if the local stores stop selling Chinese sky rockets.
Yes. Hamas are really Mossad agents.

Seriously. That's what passes for debate at the ABC. And you're paying for it.



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