Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cinema Destroys Families

Event Cinemas (formerly Greater Union) has an interesting definition of "family".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh, that's the Broken Family Pass...

8:10 PM  
Anonymous Keith said...

Wow, a saving of $3.50 !
Don't spend it all a once now.

Hardly destruction, more like accepting the reality of existence for most. Not necessarily 'broken' families, but a reflection of one adult not being available due to work commitments, working a second job.
But, yes, also a reflection of single parent families, access visits, where the 'other' parent takes the kids to the movies, etc.
There should however be a full family deal at a greater discount to encourage families to be together.
I note a family of two adults and one child would be paying $50.50

8:37 AM  

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