Tuesday, March 20, 2012

La Surrender

Last night in France, an antisemitic attack on a Jewish school saw a teacher and three children murdered because they were Jewish.

French President Sarkozy had this to say:
These were images we’d seen in other countries and never in our own.  We have no choice but to confront them

Where was Sarkozy when Ilan Halimi was kidnapped and tortured for being Jewish?

Where was he in 2002 when a gunman fired through the metal shutter of a kosher butchers in Toulouse? Or when there was a 75% rise in antisemitic activity, correlating with an increase in the Muslim population?

France has a problem. When you do nothing about a palpable rise in antisemitic incitement, often masked as "anti-Zionist" and fanned by an out of control Islamic ghetto, the results are entirely predictable.

Update: Antony Loewenstein is devastated, retweeting this obscure tweet about Yiddish. What a tool.


Blogger geoffff said...

From Geoffff's Joint, Bar and Grill


Antisemitic Murders in France -- Ho Hum

On another blog I had a "debate" with an anti-Israel commenter who has grown bored by "accusations of antisemitism" even while he denies the right of the world's only Jewish state to exist, let alone defend itself. . You will notice he has reared his ugly head on this blog. At least his ugly legs. The refrain from other commenters was also predictable. This is a conflict 10,000 miles away. It has nothing to do with Australia.

At the time I refrained from making the comment that was most prominent in my mind knowing that I would be labelled as an alarmist. I now regret that. Australian Jewish schools have also been put on alert. They have been on alert for weeks. It is known they are terrorist targets and the intelligence and security agencies of our country have said so. The Australian Jewish community has been officially warned.

Thanks Australian Greens and other leftist scumbags around the world. You have the blood of children on your hands.

How long before someone among this miserable filth presents a theory that the murders was a Mossad operation? A "false flag" operation intended to ... whatever ... Trust me with this. It will happen. No lie is too disgusting for the morally depraved left.

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