Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Le Syndrome des Grands Pavots

Two letters in today's Silly:

Taxing times have not even begun

Some think life is tough in our country. They should try on the challenger to Nicolas Sarkozy in the French presidential elections (''French feel little passion for man who would be president'', April 23).
Francois Hollande, the early favourite to win the presidency, has appealed to voters by promising to impose a 75 per cent tax rate on people earning more than $1.27 million a year. In this country, the high-roller earners don't seem to even know what a fair tax contribution is.
John Fryer Ryde
Anyone who says this country should be more like Europe has never actually been there for more than a fortnight. The place is cactus. I'm sure taxing the rich will appeal to people who set cars on fire for sport. Votes guaranteed.

After a first letter, insisting dem richers should be taxed out of the country, comes more advice for one of the country's wealthiest businessmen:

Wanted: a video ref

What a disgraceful way for the A-League to decide the Premiership (''Roar deal: Berisha's air swing guts Glory, as Brisbane take title'', April 23). A player falls over his own feet and the referee makes an incorrect decision that affects the outcome of the season.
If ever there was a case for video referees inside the penalty area, this result is it. And I don't even follow Perth or Brisbane. Come on, Frank Lowy, have the guts to innovate. Who knows, the rest of the football world may follow.
Malcolm Auld North Manly
Why would Lowy, or anyone else bother innovating or achieving, when the fruits of their labour will be punitive taxation?

See also: Payroll tax. Your reward for giving people employment.


Anonymous Gregoryno6 said...

The big continental love hug known as the Eurozone is not looking too flash. Greece can't put a government together and France thinks backward is the new forward.
Sooner or later Germany will ask its neighbours to get their hands out of its pockets.

8:24 AM  

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