Saturday, May 12, 2012

Whale Fail

I was watching the National Geographic channel on Foxtel tonight and saw an advertisement* for saving whales.

Apparently this is to be achieved by uploading photos of your "whale tail" to a website. Simply hold your hands in front of your webcam, click submit and voila. Whales saved...

This is Slacktivism at its finest but it may also be the greatest inadvertent trolling effort of all time. To date, nearly 8,000 people have uploaded their 'whale tail'.

Apparently none of them have ever watched Curb Your Enthusiasm where the gesture denotes an oversize.. Well, just watch for yourself.

This includes some local celebrities.

Barry's got a huge one.

Derryn's got an enormous one. Shame!

There is an alternate interpretation provided by (NSFW - Not Safe for Work Whales)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the largely unremarked results of Apocalyptic and Catastrophic Climate Change is that there are now more whales!! Check today's 13 May SMH where the threat of cetacean collision with ships is examined. Rising sea levels, warmer acidic-er waters, hotter air, more CO2 ... more whales! Everyone's a winner. JakJaap

9:56 AM  

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