Thursday, January 03, 2013

London Bangs

Further to whingeing about NYE, here's mine.

Am I the only Sydneysider who's a bit over the fireworks?

Every year, we are promised they'll be 'bigger than ever' and newspapers report the latest 'firework innovation'. This year: Fireworks that look like koalas. Exploding shells just don't work that way. If they actually looked like koalas, it would be a surprise, like the 'bridge effect'. This way, people get to see things they would otherwise ignore, like shapes in the clouds.

As always, Clover Moore gets to swan about taking credit for the Harbour setting (despite it being God's work) and carry on about our 'diversity' and villages. Bleech.

It could just be that I've seen it for too many years and the 'waterfall' is getting a bit stale. I'm sure first time visitors to Australia, for example those aboard the monolithic cruise ship which moored itself right in front of Point Piper, would be amazed.

But have a look at London's effort. I was always cynical towards the 'fireworks synchronised to music' but they seem to have done it perfectly. Watch it in full screen glory and wince at those holding mobile phones to capture it.

Makes Sydney's look quite sad.

Can you see the koalas? Me neither.

Could be worse though. Could be in Melbourne:

WE ATTENDED New Year's Eve in the city. I cannot fathom why, at Federation Square at 7.30pm, early 1980s music was being blasted and the stage lay empty. Duran Duran and Van Halen? Did the organisers just whack on the golden oldies radio station? At Flagstaff Gardens between 11pm and midnight, at least 2000 people soberly waited for fireworks, bereft of an MC or live entertainment. A 90-second countdown video and a DJ was embarrassingly lame.

Here were missed opportunities where Melbourne could have shone and put on local acts. Many underemployed performers would have jumped at the gig. Let's put some effort into the experience, not just crowd management. Fiona Jackson, Frankston

Well at least they didn't set fire to the building this year.


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