Sunday, November 17, 2013

Here Comes Another Bestseller...

Antony Loewenstein exaggerates again.
I launched my book Profits of Doom at Curtin University in Perth on 29 November to a packed house (more details and photos here and audio is here).
Packed house? I've had more people around to dinner. The promise of free booze will usually draw a crowd at any university. Antony didn't even pull enough crowd to fill a small lecture theatre. Count the empty seats rows. Packed house...

Standby for more exaggeration about stunning book sales, from this "documentarian" still taken seriously by the ABC.

Update: His Time Travel Question. Tim Blair notes Antony got the month wrong as well. He's seen the future!



Anonymous Ant L said...

Dan I've missed you these last two months. I thought you might be over me but no, that will never happen will it? You are still fastinated by my celebrity success. And I love your pleasant attentions. In fact I'm sure your little todger stands pleasantly to attention every time you tink of me!

However, I do find it odd that a blogger with an audience of two ppl and a cat can carp about the large audiences I command. Jealousy muchly?

I admire your persistence, but you are really just preaching to the retarded here. You need to become a pubic intellectual like moi to really make a difference. Leave that grimy prison of your outdated ideas, Dan. Time to spread your dowdy wings and fly on the winds of hope and change. It doesn't take much - just bash Israel, support a few terrorists and the ABC will do the rest for you.

6:32 AM  
Blogger Minicapt said...

Ant forgot to mentioned, again, that he has been certified as a "Dreamboat", when wearing a smoking jacket.


5:02 PM  

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