Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mind lost

Antony Loewenstein presents another stunning series of facts in The Guardian online:
Australians love consuming illicit drugs. We enjoy smoking, inhaling and losing our minds.
...And drafting our next column.
Do the maths. The state is spending billions of dollars every year imprisoning drug pushers and users,
No it isn't.

Australia spends around $3 billion to keep people in prisons each year. All of them. This includes rapists, murderers, thieves, thugs, terrorists, arsonists, kidnappers. Oh, and drug pushers and users.

Sadly it doesn't include Grauniad fact-checkers.
with private prison owners reaping the benefits.
There are only three privately run prisons in the entire country. Fulham Correctional Centre, Mount Gambier Prison and Port Phillip Correctional Centre. Reapers!

Antony 'Do the Maths' Loewenstein doesn't know how to put down the bong and do Google. Nor apparently do his publishers at The Guardian. Perhaps they were high. You see, according to Antony:
Governments and their media courtiers talk about being “tough on crime” and bravely fighting a battle against the drug scourge. They should look in the mirror and question how frequently politicians and journalists snort a line of coke on a Friday night. Hint: pretty damn often.
Antony knows this how? He doesn't spend much time around politicians or employed journalists. Hint: He's talking out of his arse. Surprising considering how easy it would have been to find some facts or simply quote someone else's more thoughtful piece. Op-eds about legalising drugs are the journalistic equivalent of comedians doing a bit on airline food. Even then, he blew it.

The Guardian is onto a real winner.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

More evidence for my Loewenstein = cocksucker theory; the ability to talk out of his arse would be a clear advantage as it would imply that he could also breathe via his arse

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Ant L said...

Dan, you are an exquisite exemplar of a bygone era. Your obsession with trivial matters is precisely the reason the total readership of this bolog consists of your mum and her cat.

You really need expand your mind - both chemically and figuratively. Perhaps then you will realise that little thinks like speeling and factual minutiae are less important than perceptive perspective.

You need to get out of your insular world, stop sweating the small stuff-ups and make some new fiends. Leftists are truly nice ppl. There is nothing they like more than an anti-Semitic Jew like me. And you need to forget about Israel. Everyone hates that shitty little country anyway. Do these things and the leftyists won't even treat you like a Jew any more, at least not to your face.

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

".. leftyists won't even treat you like a Jew any more."
This pretty well encapsulates the rank hypocrisy of the left. And of arse-breathing cocksuckers too.

7:13 AM  

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