Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Facts Deductible

A sneering letter to the SMH demands James Packer give to charity. As if he didn't.
It is impossible for the average punter to even conceive of such massive wealth as that held by James Packer and other members of the billionaire brigade. It is more difficult to understand their incessant drive to make even more money. Really, how many mansions, luxury yachts, private jets or, in this case, gambling casinos can one bloke need? Obviously more! 
Having trampled all over regular planning and construction restraints at Barangaroo, Packer, in his greed, sees fit to ignore sensitive Sri Lankan religious beliefs to build yet another casino. 
Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Packers of this world invested just a minute percentage of this obscene wealth in solving some of the world's problems. 
Jack Timms Suffolk Park
They do. For example the Lowy Packer building which "houses the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute and the St Vincent's Centre for Applied Medical Research (AMR)". 

Kerry Packer donated $30 million to cancer research in the USA, at least $10 million to the Westmead Children’s Hospital and millions to the NSW Ambulance Service ensuring every ambulance in NSW would be fitted with a portable defibrillator after he suffered a heart attack in 1990. They were nicknamed "Packer Whackers".

This is above and beyond anonymous donations or those not reported. Stories of Kerry Packer's philanthropy emerged after his death and I expect it's a lesson followed by his offspring.

I wonder what percentage of his income Mr Timms gives to charity each year. I also wonder whether in light of the above he would still sneer and write-off the Packers' philanthropy as a mere tax-deduction.

Last year he wrote this letter to the Byron Shire Echo.
Perhaps Norm Sanders was a little harsh in his criticism of the Suffolk Park Cape Byron State Conservation Area. A parking fee of $7 is hardly excessive. Many national and state parks in NSW charge similar rates. Norm, you could either stress over the fee, or be content in the knowledge that for the price of two coffees you have contributed to the upkeep of a beautiful park.

Jack Timms Suffolk Park
Timms is very good at telling others how they should spend their hard-earned, isn't he?


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