Saturday, July 06, 2013

Guardian of the Clueless

Antony Loewenstein inflates his resume once again:
My following article appears today in the Guardian:
Well, not exactly. It appeared on their 'Comment is Free' blog. As in - nobody would pay for it.
When I met Abbott in Sydney in 2010 and challenged him to learn more about Israel’s flouting of international law, he reverted to familiar, right-wing Zionist talking points.
And Loewenstein reverted to complete fabrication.
I approached Abbott again and we talked for a few minutes about the conflict. He said he had visited Israel as a guest of the government and only been taken to where they wanted to show him. When I said that there were Jewish-only roads in the West Bank, he said that was “bad” and looked uncomfortable.
Probably because it is a complete lie and Loewenstein knows it. He has been called on it before.

Loewenstein has never said anything about "Muslim Only" roads, which actually do exist in Saudi Arabia.
Abbott told me that he “admired” Israel because of its supposedly thriving democracy, free and open debate and ability of Arabs to vote and participate in the democratic process.
Real journalists know how to quote someone and inserting their own sneering opinions isn't it.
I sensed he didn’t know too much about it all – at a few points he stated that he wasn’t an “expert”.
As opposed to say, Loewenstein who genuinely believes he knows what he is talking about.

Standby for Loewy's keen insight into the political change in Egypt. Just as soon as someone else writes something he can copy and paste.



Anonymous Blobbsy said...

We kinda have Jewish only roads here in Melbourne.

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