Sunday, June 16, 2013

Live from the Living Room

Antony Loewenstein:
The great Al Jazeera media program The Listening Post this week tackles Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning and Wikileaks. They asked me to comment on the ways in which the Snowden story unfolded in the press.
No they didn't and Antony knows it. They asked anybody to send in webcam clips.

From the program's website:
Don’t forget to send us your video blogs for Global Village Voices – Listening Post is your show. Send us your videos.
They're not fussy either.
We’re also looking for new voices and we’re willing to give anyone a try.
No kidding!

This isn't the first time Antony has inflated his appearance on the program (itself insignificant). Perhaps tomorrow morning Antony can ring talkback and boast he was interviewed live.



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