Friday, June 07, 2013

And ten out of ten homeless people also choose fresh air...

Antony Loewenstein is unaligned:
I’ve spent most of the last decade unaligned with a major news organisation, wanting to remain independent.
For 'unaligned', read 'unemployed'. Antony has previously been called out for inflating his resume.
I’ve published in countless publications
Antony can't count. He also doesn't know the difference between a writer and a publisher.
around the world, indy and mainstream
I'm being 'published' on Blogger, owned in America. I guess I'm an internationally published writer as well.
but a key issue for me is the choice to speak my mind without corporate interference.
Yeah. Those damned corporationey types just hate it when you call for Six Million Jews to be killed. And they hate writers with a long history of embarrassingly basic errors. Not to mention the increasing costs of stress-leave for Antony's editors. Antony continues to moan:
It’s often financially challenging but my ongoing work, including upcoming releases, proves that it’s possible.
There's always Centrelink.
In the coming months I’ll likely be asking readers and supporters for financial support on a major project.
Perhaps Hamas or the Iranian Government will thrown in a few bucks. Why do I get the feeling Antony's parents have stopped giving him pocket money?



Blogger Yon Toad said...

Unaligned? Unhinged more likely.

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