Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Something else to boycott...

Israel's technological innovation continues to amaze. This time in the form of a system for allowing blind people to read.
The system is designed to both recognize and speak “text in the wild,” a term used to describe newspaper articles as well as bus numbers, and objects as diverse as landmarks, traffic lights and the faces of friends.

It currently recognizes English-language text and beginning this week will be sold through the company’s Web site for $2,500, about the cost of a midrange hearing aid.

Add this innovation to the list of things the BDS chuckleheads should steer clear of.

This is the output of a society which values life over death. Whereas the only thing Israel's neighbours are exporting is Jihad.

The Arab world would be much better off if they tried to emulate the Jews instead of murder them.


Anonymous Blobbsy said...

The Arab world would be much better off if they tried to emulate the good stuff that Jews instead of murder them.

Yeah only the good stuff.

And maybe if the Arabs are looking for role models on how to be a decent, non schreeching, self centred shit who doesn't tack little emblems above there doorway and nicks off work before dark on a Friday all round kinda normal person then prehaps give the Jews a miss and look at a secular Australian.

2:37 AM  
Anonymous Homohammed said...

Blobbsy you are so right to be cautious my brother.

Israeli technolgy is not to be trusted as it is not used for good purposes. No doubt you remember the Israeli trained killer sharks.

I swear by the Holy Prophet's cocnubine camel that the talking hearing aid will speak only lies and blasphemy to innocent muslims.

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is blobbsy having trouble with his psych meds again?

WTF is he on about?

Then who cares

7:18 PM  

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