Saturday, June 29, 2013

Diligent Fairfax

A bizarre letter in the Sydney Morning Herald:

Jew diligence

The Australian government should have at least one Jewish member to avoid having elections on a Jewish holiday. 
Andrew Partos Seaforth
There are two Jewish Members of Parliament in the Government. Michael Danby and Mark Dreyfus who also happens to be the Attorney-General. Nice bit of "diligence" by the Herald...

The election date nominated by Julia Gillard happens to be on Yom Kippur, the 'day of atonement' and holiest day of the Jewish calendar. It's a day Jewish people are supposed to spend the day in synagogue, fasting for 24hrs in repentance for their sins. 

If the election takes place on this date, this year it's expected they'll be dancing in the aisles...


Anonymous Blobbsy said...

Dancing in the aisls eh? Yeah the women up in the rafters and the blokes down on the floor.

Also in the Jewy moshpit of worship it comes down to which family has paid the most dough to get the best seats.

Super Rich Jews up the front and the poor old Rich Jews up the back.

5:46 AM  
Blogger Minicapt said...

Blobbsy, the Modern McTeagle:


12:35 PM  

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