Thursday, January 30, 2014

Three R's

Western Australia's Learn for Life Foundation is a non-profit organisation promoting the importance of education for people of all ages.

Watch and learn.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Beeb Boob

In early 2013 an English TV owner refused to pay his "TV Licence" because he was convinced the BBC covered up facts about 9/11.
He was visited in May 2012 by an inspector after withdrawing his licence in March, but said he was withholding the funds under the Terrorism Act.

Section 15 of the 2000 Act states that it is an offence for someone to invite another to provide money, intending that it should be used, or having reasonable cause to suspect that it may be used, for terrorism purposes.

'I am withholding all funds from the BBC, the Government and subsidiaries under Section 15 of the Terrorism Act,’ he told the inspector. 

He added that he had already lodged a complaint with the BBC.

Rooke told the court: 'I believe the BBC, who are directly funded by the licence fee, are furthering the purposes of terrorism and I have incontrovertible evidence to this effect. I do not use this word lightly given where I am.'
He's an idiot. However he may be onto something.

To paraphrase, I believe the ABC, who are directly funded by our tax dollars are furthering the purposes of illegal immigration. They are also bring our navy into disrepute.

Can I have my eight cents* back?

*Or whatever it is

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Doing the Wudu

Finally, a way to stop co-workers from constantly washing their feet in the sink.

Behold, the Wudumate.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Boycott Australian Authors!

Antony Loewenstein has gone from being a self-hating Jew, to a self-hating Australian, calling for UN sanctions against Australia. 
Talk is no longer enough. The UN has had more than 20 years to convince Australia to abandon mandatory detention and its associated ills. Frankly, it hasn’t tried hard enough. Absent of a complete overhaul of the UN system, something that is long overdue, let legitimate legal sanctions be threatened and used. 
It’s a price every Australian, myself included, should feel.
Unlike Antony, not every Australian has rushed off to apply for a German passport, just in case.

The UN is of course morally bankrupt, especially in its hypocritical dealings with Israel. No wonder Loewy sees them as the arbiter of all that is good and just.

Interestingly, to see how the serial resume puffer now refers to his blog postings at the Guardian's "Comment is Free" blog:
My weekly Guardian column is published today:
Generally, correspondents who have a "column" of theirs "published" will see ink on paper.

According to the Comment is Free guidelines (ahem, published here):
1) Send us your ideasE-mail and tell us a bit about yourself and your idea for a blog entry. If you are a reader or a Comment is free commenter/user (ie not a journalist or someone writing in a professional capacity) and would like to contribute or suggest ideas, please include your commenting name or join our daily ideas threads.
Not a journalist or someone writing in a professional capacity? Check!


Gutless Thugs

David Penberthy absolutely nails it in this piece on so-called "Alcohol-Fuelled Violence".
It appears to be mandatory to describe the random, mindless violence we have seen in pubs and on footpaths around the nation as "alcohol-fuelled" violence.I hate this term.
A more appropriate term would be scumbag-fuelled violence, as the focus on alcohol lets the scumbags off the hook.
There are tens of thousands of Australians who frequently engage in what those abstemious folks in the health lobby describe as "dangerous" drinking.
They do so without sending anyone to hospital, or to an early grave. I am one of them. So is almost everyone I know.
In vino veritas. Alcohol doesn't turn you into a dickhead. You had to be one in the first place. 

Having said that, I'm not entirely convinced any good can come from drinking-holes being open until 5am.

Singer and party girl, Ke$ha (who has never actually been photographed at a party) sang:
Tonight, I'mma [sic] fight'Til we see the sun light
I believe her meaning was "fight" to stay awake, not punch-out innocent pedestrians. However in order to do so, one needs to chase every serve of alcohol (a depressant that would otherwise put you to sleep) with a stimulant that will keep you going. A disaster in the making and that's just from a tame 'Red Bull and Vodka', compared to harder stuff in tablet form or snorted up one's nose.

Once upon a time, a drunken bogan would be lucky to land a single punch on his opponent. Now, they not only maintain their energy and co-ordination, they have lost whatever inhibition they ever had.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Unemployed Author Grateful

A New Year's message from Antony Loewenstein:
Thanks for all the support and long may it continue
To all my read­ers, sup­port­ers, friends and in­ter­locu­tors, thanks for all your on­go­ing sup­port of my work and I look for­ward to con­tin­u­ing the re­la­tion­ship in 2014 and be­yond. 
Many plans and pro­jects on the way.
He has plans on the way!

The best wishes, support and feedback from his many "interlocutors" in the two weeks since he wrote it:
Such a relationship. Speaking of which, The Guardian who let him blog there might want to allocate a full-time corrections editor to the Ant. He's forced them to issue two corrections in a single month.

I wonder if Antony has yet worked out that deceased Israeli Prime Minister Sharon is not a woman. He's made that mistake before...


Thursday, January 02, 2014

Czech Czech Boom...

Via Debka:
Palestinian ambassador to Prague dies in accidental explosion

The Palestinian ambassador Jamal al-Jamal to the Czech Republic has died of injuries sustained in an explosion at his residence in Prague Wednesday morning. 
He died after being rushed to hospital. His family was in the apartment and treated for shock. 
The Czech authorities want an explanation for the presence of dangerous explosives at his home.
Err.. Isn't it obvious?
The Palestinian Foreign Ministry said the explosion occurred when the ambassador was moving an old office safe box during which he may have triggered an anti-burglary device. 
Or the safe was full of explosives for use in diplomatic activities, Palestinian style.
There is no suspicion of an attack.
Standby for Israel to be blamed, of course. 

Bye Jamal. Mazal Tov on the Darwin Award. Send regards to Arafat.