Monday, January 20, 2014

Boycott Australian Authors!

Antony Loewenstein has gone from being a self-hating Jew, to a self-hating Australian, calling for UN sanctions against Australia. 
Talk is no longer enough. The UN has had more than 20 years to convince Australia to abandon mandatory detention and its associated ills. Frankly, it hasn’t tried hard enough. Absent of a complete overhaul of the UN system, something that is long overdue, let legitimate legal sanctions be threatened and used. 
It’s a price every Australian, myself included, should feel.
Unlike Antony, not every Australian has rushed off to apply for a German passport, just in case.

The UN is of course morally bankrupt, especially in its hypocritical dealings with Israel. No wonder Loewy sees them as the arbiter of all that is good and just.

Interestingly, to see how the serial resume puffer now refers to his blog postings at the Guardian's "Comment is Free" blog:
My weekly Guardian column is published today:
Generally, correspondents who have a "column" of theirs "published" will see ink on paper.

According to the Comment is Free guidelines (ahem, published here):
1) Send us your ideasE-mail and tell us a bit about yourself and your idea for a blog entry. If you are a reader or a Comment is free commenter/user (ie not a journalist or someone writing in a professional capacity) and would like to contribute or suggest ideas, please include your commenting name or join our daily ideas threads.
Not a journalist or someone writing in a professional capacity? Check!



Anonymous Ant L said...

Dan, you are missing the point, again. Logic and truth are irrevelant in this post-modern world. They don't exist any more. Being controversial, edgy and transgressive is what brings in the big bucks! Watch and learn my friend, watch and learn.

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Chistery said...

Weekly column Ants?

If I click on your name on the CiF website I can see all your 'columns' (By the way, you appear to be losing your smolder).

Anyway, your last article was 5 days ago. Before that 19, before that 7, then 14 then 19. So you've only made it a true weekly article once. Posts occur on a Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday etc.

You appear to lack commitment to consistently hit that weekly deadline ... just another reason you are not a real journalist, I guess.

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Ant L said...

Ah Chistery ... the haters come out. Having one's own coterie of hatters is not only the price of celebrity but a measure of it. I'm doing pretty well on that score.

The haters always focuses on minutiae - speeling and dates and times and trivia like that. They give me free pubilicity and they don't lay a glove on me. Thanks for caring.

7:27 AM  
Anonymous Chistery said...

You speak the truth, AntL. We sometimes forget that idiots have feelings. You're in a corner and everyone wants to poke you with a stick.

1:26 PM  
Anonymous Ant L said...

Chistery, like most haters you resort to insults. That is the way it is with ppl who are jealous of my status as an international pubic intellectual!

I travel the world sharing opinions and learning stuff from great minds like Chomsky.

If you actually shine a light into the dark corners you will see the haters - bitter little people clinging to their Torah and their guns. Don't be like them Chistery. Free your mind from those stifling notions like "truth" and "logic".

2:25 PM  

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