Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Attention seeking

Some people will do anything to stand out:
A Sydney man charged with planning a terrorist attack on a Commonwealth building was a "young dreamer" seeking media attention, his lawyer says.

[Zeky Mallah] is alleged to have been planning to kill officials from spy agency ASIO or the Department of Foreign Affairs during a suicide attack on a Sydney building.
A tattoo and a few piercings would be too commonplace. Then there's this guy:
Thirty-one-year-old Joseph Terrence Thomas of Werribee, south-west of Melbourne, is facing three charges, including providing support to and receiving funds from the Al Qaeda terrorist network in 2001.
Not to worry, he's actually a nice guy:
A Melbourne court has been told a man accused of working for Al Qaeda did not agree with the terrorist group's methods.
He was hanging out with al Qaeda only because they're a fun bunch. Yeah, right.


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