Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Bush didn't choke on pretzel

Oh my gosh, that gay guy Guckert, aka Gannon, spent a lot of time at the white house:
A conservative writer who quit his job covering President Bush amid criticism for his pointedly political questions visited the White House 196 times in two years, the Secret Service has disclosed.
This news has prompted much White House gay sex speculation from the lefties at Democratic Underground:
Who Is FreeperWhore's Boyfriend? I say, Uncle Karl.

So maybe Guckert's the pretzel Bush choked on.

The headline would have to be something like... White House official finds Guckerts dick in their mouth while eating a bowl of chili.

There's a cartoon there...or a great Headline: "Press Secretary finds a Dick in his Mouth while dining in the White House"

A freakin' male prostitute has the run of the house, I don't think he was doing Laura.

There's the twins too!! Or, how about daddy bush? Or, grandma babs herself???

Sound like an awful lot of sperm went somewhere...
Isn't it a bit odd that these gay-friendly lefties are speculating about men having sex? Wouldn't they normally argue that sex between consenting adults is nobody's business but their own? You know, like with Bill and Monica.


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