Monday, May 30, 2005


Lefty Castro-wannabe Hugo Chavez unleashes his tongue:
President George W Bush is a “jerk”. His administration is a “mafia of assassins”. And, according to Hugo Chavez, the belligerent populist president of Venezuela, Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, lies in bed at night dreaming of him.
Yeah Hugo, I'll bet Condi dreams of nailing you in the temple with an ice pick.

Anyway, the left has screamed bloody murder about John Bolton's loose language; how did they react to Chavez's outburst? Pretty much as you'd expect:
I'm liking this guy more all the time. That Condi line is hilarious.
It's just as well Chavez will never do anything important like be UN ambassador.

One more gem from the original article:
Chavez, 50, is rapidly becoming a US nightmare in Latin America. He aroused further American anger last week by threatening to form a nuclear alliance with Iran.
Will the US have enough nukes to cover all of the emerging threats? I certainly hope so. What with all the Global Warming, a bit of nuclear winter wouldn't go astray.


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