Thursday, September 22, 2005


Apparently, whites are to blame for Aboriginal parenting problems:
An Aboriginal pastor in Western Australia says the legacy of the Stolen Generations needs to be addressed before at-risk children are removed from their families.

The Pastor of the Ninga Mia Fellowship, Geoffrey Stokes, says the effects of the Stolen Generation are still being felt and removing children will only make the situation worse.

However, the Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health believes the welfare of children should be the main priority, even if it means placing them with a non-Indigenous family.

Mr Stokes says if the Stolen Generations issues were resolved, the positive effects would filter through into everyday family life and children will no longer be placed at risk.

"It's a sore, and the sore won't be healed until you deal with it and until we deal with the issue concerning the Stolen Generations and squashing that out, then we can take care of the rest of the community and the family and the children," he said.
In other words, give us more money.


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