Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Antony Loewenstein in the one post:
... US support for Israel is at one of its highest points ever...

... arrogant Zionism is just another example of why the Israel-first ideology is in such trouble.
Angry Ant protégé, 19 year-old Luke Skinner:
Recently a video was released showing the horrible work-over given to 4 Iraqi teenagers who had been involved in stone-throwing riots. They were beaten senseless in a fashion beyond the terms “human rights abuse” or “war crimes”— by 8 professional, trained and fully clad UK soldiers. (see this ARTICLE)

These violent aggrevated bashings were not crimes related to “war” but rather were crimes related to egotistic “Thug Culture”- the us versus them theory. The “look tough in front of your mates” culture. The culture where peopl humiliate others to make them selves feel bigger.

The same culture responsible for gang-rape on the streets of New York, racial bashings in Cronulla, or the abduction of innocent people from the streets of Baghdad for money

*hey, if the insurgents can do it, why don’t we?*.

The same kind of attitude “popular” high-school boys have when surrouning an a-grade student with glasses. This culture of egotism and masculine competitiveness runs strong in the US military and even has hold in the Australian Defence Forces (though not in the highly professional SAS).

In the UK military until recently this kind of culture was thought to be isolated while the majority forces were considered professional, polite and efficient. Recently the true extent of this culture within the British armed forces has come to light through the “Prisoner Abuse Scandal” and now through this shocking, degrading video.

Lets pray the military men can stamp this out of their culture before it gets any worse for those who aren’t involved.
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