Thursday, March 23, 2006


Imam Ahmed Akkari has reportedly been captured by a hidden camera threatening the life of moderate Danish Muslim and Social Liberal Naser Khader:
If [Naser Khader] becomes the Minister of Foreigners or Integration, why don’t we send out two guys to blow up him and his ministry?
When challenged about this, Akkari went into denial mode:
I’ve never said anything like that about Naser Khader, but they are welcome to try and prove it
His position has since shifted somewhat:
You also need to understand, from the context, that I wasn’t being serious because I usually don’t say stuff like that - not even in jest. But sometimes things happen.
Yep, shit happens – lets hope it happens in Akkari's hat and he has to wear it.

This story is still developing: go to Agora for the latest.

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