Friday, April 28, 2006


Keith Windschuttle's support for a proposed citizenship test is bound to make lefties go all frothy – he's very brave to use the M word:
It would help to break down the sort of tribalism that the multicultural policy that's dominated immigration affairs for the past 30 years has instituted.

We've had a policy that's been telling people that they can retain all of their previous cultures and that not only includes cultures but all the previous grievances, their local hatreds of various nationalities in their old country and we've seen people bring a lot of that baggage to Australia.

Insisting that people kind of make a break with the past and accept Australian values is something that's not only being seen as important in Australia but in Holland, Denmark, other European countries where they've had a large Muslim population which has been until now encouraged to remain separate. People have realised that that's a problem and that an integrationist or assimilationist form of immigration policy is a good thing to do.

You gotta give the guy credit, he isn't afraid to call it like he sees it.


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