Wednesday, July 26, 2006


A Tasmanian pub's toursit-attracting beer-swilling pigs have drawn the ire of animal rights activists:
It was one of the most horrible things I've seen, to see a pig begging for a stubby and everybody standing around laughing and jeering and sort of pouring stubbies down its neck.

I mean, we've had locals tell us that the pig has drunk over 100 stubbies in a day. That is animal cruelty. And there's absolutely no reason to go letting people feed beer to pigs just because they can.
Priscilla, the main attraction, actually has a pretty good life but not as good as it could be:
Certainly in intensive farms the pig would have a lot worse life, I'll give you that, but just because it could have a worse life, I mean, it's like I would have a worse life if I lived in a Third World country and I was starving, but that doesn't mean that I should necessarily put up with being put in a paddock and given alcohol.
Now that's a point, Priscilla could live differently: maybe she should be put on a Sydney-London flight and allowed a go at Boony's 52 beer record. Or set up a massage regimen and then serve her up as premarinated VB pork Kobe style.


Anonymous MarkHenryC said...

And I thought our dog had the good life.

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