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All practicing Jews, Christians and Muslims are creationists in that they believe God created the universe and everything in it. In current usage, however, "creationist" refers specifically to a conservative Christian fundamentalist who rejects some of the underpinnings of science. (See Wikipedia article here.) Creationist is, of course, wielded as a pejorative by lefties.

Indeed, creationists in general, and two in particular, are ridiculed by Tim Lambert for not sharing his faith in Anthropogenic Global Warming. Here's the intro to Lambert's post:
We all know that the scientific consensus on global warming is that humans are causing most of it. The Creationist consensus is that humans aren't causing it. But just as their are divisions in the Creationist camp between Old Earth and Young Earth Creationists, they are divided on why people believe that humans are warming the planet.

Creationist Julia Gorin thinks it's to avoid thinking about the threat from fascist Islamonazi Hitlers
The first bolded bit above makes no sense at all so I'll ignore it. The part that interests me is Lambert's nomination of conservative Jewish comedienne and political commentator Julia Gorin as a creationist. Gorin is an unlikely creationist not only because she's Jewish but also because she hasn't written anything pitching the creationist line – nothing that I could find, anyway.

Lambert incorrectly assumes Gorin is a creationist bsaed on the abstract of a article he links to. It seems to me a scientist of Lambert's notoriety would be careful to base his arguments on facts, not on incomplete and inconclusive information.

There's also the little matter of Lambert characterizing Gorin's global warming opinion piece as emphasizing "the threat from fascist Islamonazi Hitlers." Gorin focusses on global warming, mentions terrorism only by way of comparison and says nothing at all about Muslims. In short, Lambert sensationalizes in order to create interest.

Lambert then turns his attention to Jewish-Catholic-Anglican-Baptist, high-school dropout, Canadian-living-in-America Mark Steyn, who Lambert deems creationist based on his response to a reader's question:

Steyn: The fact is that this is a planet overwhelmingly dominated and shaped by one species, and our kith and kin – whether gibbons or pumpkins – basically fit in in the spaces between. That’s pretty much the world the Psalmist outlined in the Old Testament thousands of years ago. By comparison, the evolutionists’ insistence that we’re just another “animal” seems perverse and irrational and refuted by a casual glance out the window. I am coming round to the view that hyper-rationalism is highly irrational.
Steyn might well be a creationist but his answer doesn't prove it.

So, what's Lambert up to with this post? For one thing, he mixes three topics certain to generate controversy: politics, religion and alternative religion (global warming). He's also pretty sly in mentioning a big name like Steyn even though he has nothing to do with the topic – maybe Steyn will respond and link. Lambert even throws in a link to Tim Blair in hope of generating some traffic.

The bottom line: Lambert's post is yet another pathetic attempt to get his numbers up. Maybe if he stopped posting shit...


Anonymous TimT said...

When I met Lambert at a Sydney grogblogging, he was going around the room waving a print out of his website stats at everyone ...!

8:01 AM  
Anonymous Annabelle. N. Smith said...

what impression did you get of him as a person? (I think he comes across as extremely arogant as a blogger, but, like others, might actually be quite pleasant in face-to-face contact).

9:22 AM  
Anonymous TimT said...

To clarify: 'about two in the evening'. That was actually two o'clock in the morning. I got the train back to Newcastle at 3, and ended up going to bed - or trying to go to bed - around dawn!

9:27 PM  
Anonymous TimT said...

To clarify (again) - Lambert's animosity to Jericho may have had some basis; according to Lambert, I think Jericho mockingly posted a death-threat to Lambert in some comments, not exactly a pleasant thing to do ...

6:38 AM  

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