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In his latest post lefty Australian academic Tim Lambert tries to knit together four topics he loves to write about: Andrew Bolt, sock-puppets, creationism and DDT. His effort is decidedly lame – here's the whole post so no one can accuse me of tricky editing:
I've stated before that folks who peddle the DDT ban myth tend to be those who don't believe in evolution and hence don't believe that mosquitoes can evolve resistance to DDT. One or two commenters felt that I was trying to tar those folks with the creationist brush.

Jonathan Sarfati was Andrew Bolt's source for his nonsense about bedbugs and DDT and also showed up in comments to accuse greens of banning DDT to "solve" the overpopulation problem. Jonathan Sarfati is a Young Earth Creationist. Using a sockpuppet named Socrates he wrote:
In some cases, insects required resistance, and naturally this was touted as "evolution in action" as though it proved evolution from goo to you via the zoo and refuted biblical creation. The resistance was already present. When DDT was applied, only the few resistant forms survived, with a severely genetically depleted population.
The Bolt link ultimately leads, via a prior Lambert post, to a Bolt blog post reading in whole:
Before World War II, bedbug infestations were common in the U.S., but they were virtually eradicated through improvements in hygiene and the widespread use of DDT in the 1940s and 1950s…

The National Pest Management Association, which represents many of the country’s pest control companies, says the number of bedbug reports have increased fivefold in four years.

(Thanks to Jonathan Sarfati)
Readers can draw their own conclusions as to what Bolt is implying. Sarfati is involved only as the referer: he is not Bolt's source. Lambert has misrepresented this in an effort to score points: Sarfati is, after all, a dreaded creationist.

Lambert then falsely accuses Sarfati of sock-puppetry. It is not sock-puppetry to post under a pseudonym, especially when the pseudonym is publicly acknowledged – at a link provided by Lambert:
Dr. Sarfati posts at TheologyWeb under the screen name "Socrates" with the habit of referring to himself in the third person.
Lambert's very fluid on the sock-puppetry issue: if a lefty uses a pseudonym it's Okay; if anyone other than a lefty does it, it's deception. This post is a classic example of Lambert misrepresentation.

Here's a thought, if Lambert wants to talk about DDT, he can go here and address the points raised by David Tribe (scroll down). Nah, when the going got tough he ran for it and isn't about to return.

One last thing, Lambert says those who support the notion of a DDT ban tend not to believe in evolution. Well, I'm an atheist evolution believer who thinks there has been a de facto DDT ban. The big headed fool can't get anything right.


Anonymous GMO Pundit said...

"I've stated before that folks who peddle the DDT ban myth tend to be those who don't believe in evolution and hence don't believe that mosquitoes can evolve resistance to DDT."

This is so deranged and full of holes it's not worth analysing too much. If something's not worth doing, its not worth doing well, as Salva Luria used to say, I'm told. Now Sal, he knew about evolution

Mr Lambert half asserting that I don't believe in evolution made me laugh, I've got (and read) every book there is by R Dawkins, SJ Gould, Darwin, Matt Ridley, Steve Pinker, you name it, and worked with experimental evolution in the lab some 35 years. Cut my teeth on Theosdious Dobszansky in the 60s.Loved the late great John Maynard Smith. Even published on phylogeny of insect viruses. Yeeesh.

But Norah, I love Thin Man Movies. Do you really look like your photo?

6:24 PM  

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