Saturday, September 02, 2006


Mike Tyson, reportedly $30 million in debt, is making ends meet by publicly training at Las Vegas's Aladdin/Planet Hollywood Resort. Tyson says he's preparing for a series of upcoming fights. Actually, he says all sorts of stuff:
"I'm just here getting in shape. I'm not a fighter. I truly hate fighting. I don't really train anymore. I have a bad taste in my mouth from fighting. I just live my life and try to survive out there. I'm always looking to make a buck, like anyone else. I just fight for money. I get a little uncomfortable with crowds of people. It's weird. I'm looked at by people as the (heavyweight champion), but I don't live that life anymore because of the mistakes I made. It's different being that guy among blue-collar people. I can't think or dwell on (the past) because then I can't be the person I want to in life. Just a simple guy. Hell no, I couldn't (fight for the championship again). I have too many bad habits and demons. It's nice seeing and talking to you guys, though."
With the head-shots he's taken he does well to talk at all.


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