Friday, September 29, 2006


Is it reasonable to request that Australian forces in Afghanistan reveal their rules of engagement?
PETER LLOYD: In the case of the Australian military, it's not clear whether the rules of engagement that apply to regular soldiers are the same as that for the SAS and commandos.

And the man in charge of Australian troops in Oruzgan province, Lieutenant Colonel Mick Ryan, made it clear that he was sticking to the rules of secrecy.

MICK RYAN: I can't talk about any of the rules of engagement for operational security reasons.

PETER LLOYD: But will Australians be going out looking for trouble, or will trouble have to find them?

MICK RYAN: We'll be going out looking to help the people of the province, by developing their infrastructure.

PETER LLOYD: Why can't we hear about the ROE (rules of engagement)?

MICK RYAN: We have extensive training in the way we undertake operations. There are certain issues that we just don't discuss for security reasons.

At the end of the day, these kind of rules are what help keep my soldiers safe.
Australian forces looking for trouble? Never.


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