Thursday, November 02, 2006


Former Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, not content to enjoy a quiet retirement, continues to stick his nose into matters political:
"There are already suggestions that this next election will be a Muslim election, as a while ago it was the Tampa election," Mr Fraser said. "The groundwork has been laid for an increase in fear and concern over the followers of Islam."
Liberal MP Andrew Robb responded:
Mr Robb accused Mr Fraser of wanting controversies, such as the sermon by Taj el-Din al Hilaly and other inflammatory exhortations from radical elements, to be suppressed rather than confronted.

"I do think he is, in many respects, becoming an apologist for the very divisive comments of a small section of the Muslim community, a group that has not been prepared to accept integration into the community," Mr Robb said.

"And, in the process of becoming an apologist, of suppressing discussion on those issues, he's doing a grave disservice to the overwhelming majority of Australian Muslims who are very successfully integrated into the community and just want to get on with their lives."
That was yesterday. Here's Fraser stirring the pot earlier today:
I'm concerned that the Government believes it can win the next election best by following the same tactic and trying to make the majority of Australians believe that Muslims are different and don't really fit in.

I believe that this is divisive, dangerous and false. You know, you've only got to look at the different reactions. When the Pope said some things which he must've known were going to cause great concern in Islamic countries, the Government's general approach was, well misunderstood, it was an academic speech taken out of context, let's move on.

When an Islamic cleric says some, from our point of view, totally foolish and totally wrong things, he's condemned by many other Muslims, both men and women. There are many Muslims who say that, you know, he should leave his job, he should resign or he should be sacked.

But the Government on at least three occasions I've seen on television has almost hounded the Muslim community.
So, according to Fraser, Sheik Hilaly's recent remarks are neither foolish nor wrong depending, of course, on your point of view. That's both wrong and foolish.


Anonymous Law Student said...

Mate, spare me the headache. Raping girls and enganging in sexual activity without consent has good, strong footing in the bible.

11:05 PM  
Anonymous C.L. said...

The Pope never apologised for his remarks. He was sorry about how they were received.

11:21 PM  
Anonymous Law Student said...

"The fact that we do not have access to prime time television does not mean we are silent."

Exactly. This applies to Muslims too on many issues including the Hilaly one.

11:29 AM  

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