Monday, February 05, 2007


By the time sea level rises Gore's deadly 20 feet, the open sewer that is China will have poisoned the Earth.

Update: And anyway there's no point in entering the global warming debate if you aren't a climatologist of note (and AGW true believer):
What I find so amusing is that armchair pundits and people with high school diplomas are making points about 'solar forcing' and 'natural cycles' accounting for the current warming as if the climate science community hadn't considered these potential factors. What do they think researchers have been doing in their university and research programs over the past 15-20 years? ...

I obtained my PhD in 1995 (population ecology) and have been a senior scientist for the past 7 years, yet I defer to those scientists in the climate science community who have been researching the field for years over some of those denialists who contribute comments to these threads who have no formal training in the field. The armchair pundits in the denial camp who are posting here should too.
Well, I ain't got no PhD but I know that people do tend to find what they're looking for.


Anonymous Iain Hall said...

So much of the chours of support for AGW is like the Banana's in pyjama's long tailed friend Rat in a Hat" but instead of saying "trust me I'm a rat" they say "Trust me I'm a Climate scientist..."

7:14 AM  

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