Friday, February 02, 2007


One time GITMO detainee Mamdouh Habib has launched a bid for the seat of Auburn in Western Sydney. Amazingly, he's even less informative than more conventional politicians, here describing his platform:
We're going for Auburn, mainly for human rights. Human rights include everything.
Cool, it's impossible to have too many rights. Right? Anyway, here's some evasion any seasoned politician would be proud of:
ADAM ROLLASON: Mr Habib also wants to repeal Australia's anti-terrorism laws, but wasn't too happy when the media questioned his commitment to protecting the country from terrorism.

MAMDOUH HABIB: I can't comment about the terror law but the terror law if they have terrorist but we don't have any terrorists I believe.

REPORTER: But the anti-terrorism laws are part of your policy so…

MAMDOUH HABIB: Yes, it's one of my policy but we try to get the law to do the right thing, is not just under the table. We want our focus to say what they have any, anything with the terrorists in this country, we can't see any proof in this country have any terrorists. Thank you.

REPORTER: Why do you say there's no proof? There's been a man actually charged and found guilty of terrorism.

MAMDOUH HABIB: Well I believe only your question is about the terrorist. We talking about people in the school and talking about people in hospital. They need to go, go have a look at open hospital, there people stay for two, three, four hours waiting list and people die inside these hospital and you coming to tell me what happened in Afghanistan. I don't know what you're here for.
What was the question, again?


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