Thursday, February 01, 2007


David Hicks's PR machine is doing its best to win Australians over to this unfortunate young man who, as we all know, just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hicks lawyers today revealing yet another cruel indignity inflicted on Hicks by his jailers:
Guantanamo Bay prison inmates were shown photographs of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein hanging from a rope following his execution, lawyers for Australia’s only Guantanamo inmate said on Thursday.
According to one of Hicks's lawyers, photos of Saddam's trial were displayed as a "poster" on a notice board where Hicks was sure to see them. Lawyers estimated this poster to be some 15cm by 7.5 cm. To put this in perspective, a standard size sheet of A4 paper is 29.7cm by 21cm. Some poster.

You'd reckon the Americans could afford -- you know, what with having the world's largest military budget -- to set up a few wide screen TVs around GITMO running non-stop video of Saddam's execution; or better yet, Barzan Ibrahim's hanging decapitation. Jeez, Yanks can't do anything right.


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