Thursday, February 15, 2007


Anyone at all familiar with Tim Lambert knows he has a "thing" for accusing people of using sock puppets. Someone using the moniker "xxxx" has been lodging comments at Deltoid hassling Lambert about apparently false accusations of sock puppetry. True to form, Lambert at first ignored the comments but when xxxx persisted he started dodging and weaving and throwing out distracters. Watching Lambert squirm is very entertaining so I've been watching the situation closely.

A few hours back a pointed comment by poster "BBgun" popped up in the Deltoid thread where xxxx has been most active. The comment wasn't up for long before Lambert removed it, noting:
A post by JF Beck's sockpuppet has been deleted
This is wrong on two counts: I did not post the comment and dare Lambert to try to prove I did; even had I lodged the comment, using an assumed name is not sock puppetry (it's been weeks since my last comment at Deltoid so the removed comment certainly wasn't supporting anything posted by me).

Anyway, I did see the now gone comment and figured it wouldn't be there long so I copied it:
Tim Lambert, you claim rising seas are inundating Tuvalu forcing locals to flee to New Zealand. At On Line Opinion I repeatedly asked you about this claim but you refused to answer. I will now take advantage of your open thread (risking diversionary accusations of trolling or sock puppetry) to ask you again: "Does your hearsay evidence, that global warming induced sea level change is forcing Tuvaluans to flee to New Zealand, constitute proof of this being the case? 'Yes' or 'No'. If yes, do you accept the accounts of alien 'abductees' as proof that aliens are visiting earth?"


Please be brave and answer - relying on others to answer for you or stonewalling simply makes you look sillier.
Lambert doesn't want to answer the question so he made up the sock puppetry nonsense so he'd have an excuse for removing the comment. This is the same guy James Farrell refers to as "the ingenuous Tim Lambert". I don't know that a genius for bullshitting is anything to crow about.


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