Sunday, March 11, 2007


I've owned three Rhodesian Ridgebacks over the past twenty five years and wouldn't hesitate to get another when my current dog passes -- he's doing quite well for a dog his age and size (10 and 45 kilos) but is slowing down. Being hounds, Ridgeback are natural hunters, with the ones I've owned having a pathological desire to shred cats. The first of my Ridgebacks had a unique cat catching style: rather than charge at them barking and snarling he'd turn the tables on them by crouching low to the ground cat-fashion, inching toward them until he was in range, eventually to pounce soundlessly.

But even a powerful cat-munching specialist would probably find one of these monsters too much to handle. Maybe it's time to buy two dogs.

Update: Having been accused of being continually negative I am a bit worried that this post, despite being totally positive, might be seen as negative. So, I'm including this to ensure positive balance. The kitten ate the butterfly, by the way.


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