Thursday, March 08, 2007


From The Declaration of Independent Australian Jewish Voices:
As Australians we are privileged to live in a democratic state that embodies the principles of tolerance and free speech. We feel there is an urgent need to hear alternative voices that should not be silenced by being labelled disloyal or “self-hating.”
Antony Loewenstein today on ABC Radio National:
We're not saying we're being silenced or that we're being forced into submission, it's not about that. The point simply is that within the Jewish community any number of Jews have written to us and spoken to us both in the last days and for me in the last couple of years, saying that if they speak out, if they criticize Israel, critique Israel both within their families or elsewhere they are labeled antisemitic, self-hating, evil, etc., even to the point where a few days ago a supposedly rational woman in Melbourn accused me on the Australian Jewish News website of being like David Irving the holocaust denier but just not as intelligent. In other words the point is there is this sentiment [sic] of intimidation that exists out there. No one is saying... I'm not saying I'm being silenced, I get published regularly in the media and can talk about it. The point is that there are many many Jews out there and it would be fair to say the Jewish establishment, the Zionist organizations which claim to speak for all Jews in fact do not. They speak for a certain perception [sic] that's out there and they exist for sure but there are many Jews... I would argue a majority of Jews who have no voice. Who don't necessarily get represented.
Two points. First, Australia's Jews are obviously more childlike than I thought. You know, what with needing someone to speak for them. Second, who appointed Loewenstein spokesman for the Jewish silent majority? (He's going to need a hell of a lot more than the target 1,000 signatures in order to claim his petition is an endorsement.)

Loewenstein has claimed all along that he's being silenced. In reality his unpopular views are merely generating negative feedback. This tends to happen when people talk shit.

Update: Send a STFU message to Loewenstein.


Anonymous Toaf said...

Loewenstein hardly has a monopoly on claiming to speak for a silent majority.

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