Monday, March 12, 2007


First Mark Bahnisch tells us he's working so hard he barely has time to blog. Now Ken Parish can't resist the urge to tell us how Club Troppo's thrice weekly Missing Link posts require a mammoth effort:
Missing Link is now into yet another manifestation. The problem is that it’s just too time-consuming for any one individual to read lots of blogs, even with the help of a feed reader, and then produce a decent human-edited digest of wortwhile posts several times a week. You could probably do it if you were being paid a full or even half salary for it, but it’s beyond most people’s capacity as a volunteer endeavour: around 20 hours per week for 3 editions.
Twenty hours effort into what are nothing more than three blog roundups? Now there's some productive use of time. And if it's such a pain, why do it?

Maybe it's just me but it seems lefty academics aren't enjoying their blogging these days.


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