Saturday, April 14, 2007


ARMAN FM 98.1, Afghanistan's first commercial radio station, established in 2003 by Afghani-Australian Saad Mohseni, is still going strong. The top 40 is here.


Anonymous DARRYL MASON said...

Excellent. Some of the best new death metal is coming from Iranian and Iraqi bands. Don't know what the hell they're singing about, but some of them absolutely CARVE.

I heard a chicken strangler detail the bootlegs CDs he saw on sale in a back alley Kabul market in late 2001 : lots of AC/DC, a bit of Iron Maiden, Rose Tattoo, Black Sabbath and...The Angels! Sounds like my record collection.

Sure is strange seeing Lopez in that Top 40. No Britney? No Hasslehoff? Number 14 and 28 are pretty catchy good tunes.

4:02 PM  

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