Thursday, April 12, 2007


Blogging lefty grandmother Jane Stillwater wants the US out of Iraq yesterday, or did until she went there for a visit:
EMILY BOURKE: You've been described as a left-wing blogger, what was your view of the Iraq war before you left and has that changed?

JANE STILLWATER: It has changed. When I came over here, I thought we should get out like next week, but I think the troops here are really trying to do a good job of, of being cops, being cops on the beat.

But the Iraqis are very, very upset that their country's being occupied and they think it goes against the United Nations etc, etc, so they're torn between wanting to stop being occupied like yesterday, and wanting to have somebody help them with security.
EMILY BOURKE: Well what will you do when you get home?

JANE STILLWATER: I don't know, I don't think I'll be another Cindy Sheehan, I'm not like that, but if anybody asks my opinion, oh have I got an opinion.

I was an ordinary person, that started blogging and I'm here and I'm appalled and I need to think of solutions and every woman and man in the world needs to help think of solutions.
Jeez, ain't it great to see a lefty with an open mind.


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