Saturday, April 21, 2007


An early start to boxing careers for a couple of Britons:
A mother and her three daughters who forced two toddlers to take part in a "dog fight" and filmed it walked free from court yesterday.

The women, including the children's mother, goaded the tearful brother and sister to punch each other and even use a magazine and hairbrush as weapons. When the boy, who was in a nappy, stopped fighting they called him a "wimp" and "bloody faggot".
I'm guessing there wasn't anything good on the telly at the time.

As if the fighting wasn't bad enough:
In the film up to six adults, including a man, are seen chatting and smoking.
What the Hell is wrong with those people? The adults should have done the gene pool a favour by arming the kiddies with straight-razors.


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