Monday, April 16, 2007


Michael Braun accepts the Ross Glendinning medal, live to air. Oops.

Oh yeah, the Dockers suck.

Update: Braun has been fined $5,000.

Update II: West Coast's Adam Selwood is accused of naughtiness:
AFL investigations officer Bill Kneebone has charged West Coast's Selwood with insulting language towards Fremantle's Headland in the third term of the match.

It has also been alleged Headland told former West Coast player Drew Banfield, now a boundary rider for pay-TV network Foxtel, to inform Selwood he would "kill him" if he repeated the insult.

Soon after Selwood's alleged comments, the pair clashed heatedly and the match review panel charged Headland with two striking offences.

He faces a total of six weeks' suspension, plus the panel has fined him $1200 for wrestling Selwood.

In asking the AFL to investigate, Fremantle had alleged Selwood insulted a member of Headland's family.
Any AFL player who can't handle nasty comments from the opposition should give the game away.

Update III: A video report on the game's controversial incidents -- includes footage of Headland's dummy-spit (note the commentary from ex-player Jason Dunstall regarding "losing the plot").

Update IV: Headland's loss of composure explained:
Headland has a tattoo of his daughter on his left arm. In the complaint, Headland is believed to have alleged that Selwood motioned to the tattoo and said: "I f***ed her last night."

Headland allegedly responded: "What the hell are you talking about? She is my six-year-old daughter."

He alleges Selwood then said: "Yes. She is a slut. I f***ed her last night."
Boys will be boys. Anyway, at least one Dockers fan is outraged:
Like any good father would, Des allegedly took a swing at Selwood and threatened to kill him if he ever said it again.
Since it's highly unlikely Selwood had sex with Headland's daughter, the comment's so silly it should have been laughed off. I mean, professional sportsmen have to keep their minds on the game, not on silly jibes from the opposition.


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