Sunday, August 19, 2007


Larvatus Prodeo's tigtog forcefully condemns the would be Prime Minister's drunken strip-club adventure:
Stripping and hooking is not good wholesome fun. The women who do it do not like the men who pay them to do it. The smiles are all fake, boys, every single one: strippers hate you. For most of the women, the only way they can keep doing the work at all is to be high as a kite for their shift.

Of course this means that nearly all that money from that “well paid job” (after the “manager” gets his cut) goes on feeding their drug habits. How many drug addicts do you know with happy, healthy families?

Are there students/housewives stripping/hooking who aren’t addicts and who are investing the hard-earned in lifestyle accountrements? Certainly there are. Do they constitute more than 1 or 2 % of sex workers as a whole? They do not.

Women resent the fantasy glamorisation of stripping as good wholesome fun.
Oops sorry, the rant above isn't directed at Rudd, it's about a TV advert for a chicken restaurant. Condemnation of Rudd is forthcoming.

Update: tigtog wants the "disgusting" ad pulled off air but has no problem with Rudd's encouragement of the continued degradation of women:
It’s obviously an attempt to discredit Rudd as the family values religious moderate that is his current public image, although I’m not sure that a drunken one-off visit to a strip club is totally a smoking gun.
Tigtog likening Rudd's behaviour to "some equivalent 'well sourced' shock horror tidbits about our Prime Minister":
On a recent flight, the PM was warned against endangering other passengers by failing to secure his carry-on luggage.
The poor woman ain't quite right in the head.

Update II: Strip-club visitation rules clarified:
Show me that Rudd is a regular at strip clubs rather than someone who simply accepted one invitation from an influential Murdoch news editor, and I’ll condemn him as much as you like.
One off visits prevent drug-addled strippers being exploited, apparently.


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