Friday, September 07, 2007


Anti-Bush activists "Bums Not Bombs" hoped for a record setting protest:
A game group of anti-war protesters are planning a cheeky protest against a visit by US President George W. Bush - baring their bottoms in what they hope will be a world-record moon.

In a leaflet to possible supporters, the group calls for 4000 cheeks - er, 2000 people - to "tell Bush what we really think about his visit.''
Numbers fell well short of the thousands desired:
Around 50 people have bared their bottoms in protest against APEC and the visiting US President George W Bush.
The poor turnout comes despite arse-baring apparently being something of a national tradition:
Organiser Will Saunders says its a fun and Australian way to get the anti-Iraq war message across.
Hey, we've tried to attract tourists by swearing at them, maybe the Aussie moon should be our next enticement to visit down under.


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