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Canadian magazine ADBUSTERS "Journal of the Mental Environment" describes itself and states its mission:

In order to "topple existing power structures" the "Jewish problem" must be addressed, of course, as did the magazine's founder Kalle Lasn in his 2004 neo-con exposé “Why won't anyone say they are Jewish?”

Now it's pretty strange that a regularly published journalist, electronic media darling and best-selling author would seek to have his work featured at a fringe site like ADBUSTERS but that's exactly what we find with the publication of a piece by Antony Loewenstein titled The Eternal Victim. Here's the introduction and first paragraph:
Each side in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict believes criticisms in the media are biased, but the Palestinians are the ones doing almost all the suffering and dying these days. Antony Loewenstein argues for reality-based coverage.

Israel’s highly decorated Chief of Staff, Mordechai Gur, once said, “we make no distinction between civilian and military targets.”
Since Loewenstein wants "reality-based coverage", that's what the Middle East "expert" provides, right? Not even; the Gur quote is a fabrication. Noam Chomsky on the same subject:
Thirty years ago Chief of Staff Mordechai Gur observed that since 1948, "we have been fighting against a population that lives in villages and cities." As Israel's most prominent military analyst, Zeev Schiff, summarized his remarks, "the Israeli Army has always struck civilian populations, purposely and consciously...the Army, he said, has never distinguished civilian [from military] targets...[but] purposely attacked civilian targets."
Unlike Loewenstein, Chomsky is too smart to rely on Common Dreams as a source. Dodgy quoting is nothing new from Loewenstein: he misquoted family members who don't share his political views; misquoted Mark Steyn; and fabricated a George Bush quote. He refuses to admit any of this, but Crikey did retract the Bush quote (the 2006 article remains uncorrected at his blog). He also recently linked to a bogus video then disappeared the post when caught out.

Loewenstein isn't really a journalist and certainly isn't a Middle East expert: he's a left-wing activist who's trying to make a living off of being an anti-Israel Jew. If Loewenstein really does aspire to be a journalist, he needs to bear in mind item number one from the Australian Journalists' Association's code of ethics:
Report and interpret honestly, striving for accuracy, fairness and disclosure of all essential facts. Do not suppress relevant available facts, or give distorting emphasis. Do your utmost to give a fair opportunity for reply.
Oops, so much for journalism as a career.

Note to my Mossad minders: the check's-in-the-mail bullshit ain't good enough; I want my money.

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