Monday, February 02, 2009


Antony Loewenstein is interviewed by the podcast network's Cameron Reilly for the third time. Why? Because Reilly wanted to invite someone on the show who could talk about Gaza "with some direct knowledge":
"Anthony [sic] has written a book about Israel. He's a Jew, he's an atheist Jew. His first book he wrote a couple of years ago was called "My Israel Question". And he has been over to that part of the world on a number of occasions. And so he has some direct experience and it's also good that he's a Jew. It's I think somewhat harder to accuse a Jew of being anti-semitic alhthough I do know he does get accused of that."
Loewenstein, in his mid-30s, visited Israel once a few years ago for a couple of weeks, at most, and he has no direct knowledge of recent events in Gaza. Loewenstein gives his version of the background to Israel's recent Gaza action but mentions nothing about his lack of direct knowledge.

Click that link to listen to Cameron Reilly's insane 9 1/2 minute introductory anti-Israel monologue. He compares the formation of Israel to Queensland being given to the Jews and suggests that Israel must follow United Nations' dictates or face the wrath of NATO forces. Dumbass.


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