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The following post is of no importance whatever in the cosmic scheme of things and will bore most people senseless but there are some things needing to be said so I'm going to say them.

Writing via his Victorian Bar email account Jeremy Sear has demanded that I provide my personal details so he can serve me with an undefined legal document. Presumably this has something to do with Jeremy thinking me "a shameless liar, smearer, and stalker" who writes "filth". (He doesn't say so but he's probably also upset about some unflattering comments at my blog about his girl friend – more on that later.) Sear refuses to back up his allegations, however.

Sear mate John Surname jumps on the bandwagon:
You’ve blogged constantly about Jeremy’s personal relationships (despite the fact they have nothing to do with his arguments) and frequently hinted that Scott is unsuitable to be a teacher. Of course, you’re far too cowardly to actually come out and say that, beyond making snide hints.
Constantly? No. And I'm on the record as saying Scott – who might be the best teacher ever – is putting himself at risk with some of the material he blogs about: I really do not think parents would understand. Anyway, here's the clincher from Sear mate Ant Rogenous:
As far as bottom-feeders go, little-known blogger J.F. Beck was the most unctuous to weigh in to yesterday’s Pure Poison attack. Beck’s blog has for years been little more than an exercise in ingratiating himself to Tim Blair with creepy personal pot-shots Jeremy Sear and ham-fisted attacks on Antony Lowenstein. Not surprisingly for someone of Blair’s ego, it seems to have worked — the two exchange links (and cuddly emails) with almost the same loving frequency as Blair and Bolt.

I won’t bother posting a link to Beck’s site because it (like the man himself, who all those years ago stalked Jeremy until he’d uncovered his identity) truly is a steaming pile of shit. But if you really must have a look at it, you can find a link in Legal Eagle’s blogroll at (gasp!) anti-bullying-humour-authority Helen Dale’s site.
Now I am getting on and probably do have the beginnings of that old-person smell (do old people realise they tend to have a distinctive aroma?) but "steaming pile of shit" is maybe just a bit strong. The "stalked Jeremy until he'd uncovered his identity" stuff is a total rewrite of history, however. Jeremy was actually outed by........... drum roll.......... Andrew Bolt.

Now I'm wondering where Rogenous got the idea I stalked and outed Jeremy? I mean, surely that whopping great slug of misinformation couldn't have come from Jeremy? But even if the information didn't come from Jeremy, why hasn't he warned good mate Rogenous it's incorrect?

Will the Poison Pinhead post above be corrected? I'm guessing it will be.

Regardless, I have never pried into Jeremy's private life, simply linking to stuff readily available online, much of it put there by Jeremy himself. If he doesn't want people like me blogging about him he should stop distributing the ammo.

* The unflattering comments about Keri James were left up because they say more about the nature of some right-wing blog readers than they do about Keri. The blogosphere does have its dark side.

Update: The unflattering comments about Keri James (here and here) prompted her to respond (respectively):
Gee, Anonymous. I am so wounded in my "large" hide by your cruel and witty barb.

And I'm no damn lady, thanks all the same.
Seriously? Fat jokes are the best you can do?

Incomptent as well as cowardly.
Having thought about it, Keri now reckons I attacked her:
I’ve never seen any of the Grods lot go after the partners of people they disagree with. Which Beck has been more than happy to do to me, and to let stand in his comments.
And that I'm way nastier than the Grods crew:
Point out one post on Grods that worse that the comments in Beck’s blog about me recently. You’ll struggle, trust me.
Jeremy concurs that the comments are offensive and would not be allowed to remain at his blog. Scott chimes in by berating skepticlawyer and Legal Eagle for linking to me:
If you guys are so disgusted by personal attacks on the internets then why do you have a person in your blogroll who routinely writes this sort of stuff and lets these sort of comments stand?
Gee, imagine the lefties' reaction if I had written this little effort from Scott:

Penis fever

When a lesbian experiences strong and uncontrollable urges for penis.

Gretchen: “I’ve got penis fever.”

Carol: “But we’re lesbians!”

Gretchen: “I know. But years ago I had a taste of the penis, and despite now preferring the puss I just really want some penis.”

Carol: “But why?”

Gretchen: “Because fists don’t ejaculate.

For comparison, here's my post Keri alleges attacks her:

There's romance in leftyland with Jeremy Sear hooking up with fellow blogger Keri James. Their relationship is now in the open, but was previously hinted at in some of the cutest, most aww-inspiring comments ever posted:

Jeremy: “Glad you're happy, Keri. Your lad's very lucky.”

And Keri replies: “Jeremy - I'd beg to differ. I think I'm the lucky one.”

Yep, love is a wonderful thing; let's hope it lasts longer than Jeremy's relationship with the enticingly talented MIss Politics. All the best, young lovers!
As for nasty personal comments, Keri seems to have forgotten her rather salty description of Andrew Bolt:
And Jeremy (and co-bloggers Scott Bridges and Ant Rogenous) certainly wouldn't allow an offensive personal comment to remain:
If Ramsey knew who Bolt was he’d shove a rolling pin up his arse and yell out : “How do you fucking like this you fuckin fucked up racist Dutch cunt”.
At least that’s what I hope he’d do and say.
Anyone with a few minutes to spare can Google-up numerous such examples of nastiness from this crew of lefties, who keep talking about how nasty I am but fail to provide examples.

Update II: The more she thinks about my post the more upset Keri gets:
Not one of the Grods crew - anonymous or otherwise - has EVER said the things about your partner or anyone elses partner that Becks commenters said about me, Iain.

And Beck doesn't know me from a bar of fucking soap. He just used me as a cheap shot. How would you feel if I started in on your wife and her supposed sex life? Would that be an "invetable consequence"?

You link to Beck. Does that mean your wife is fair game?

No, it doesn't. Because unlike Beck and his anonymous, gutless cronies, I've got a shred of human decency in me.
It's very simple Keri, you shouldn't blog about your relationships if you don't want other people to blog about them.


Anonymous J F Beck said...

Nope, wasn't me. I put exactly zero time into trying to work out who Mr Lefty was/is but did use the information when it became available online. I also couldn't care less where he lives, what kind of car he drives, what and how much he drinks, where he hangs out or anything else about him personally. But I do not hesitate to use information that's already readily available. There's no need for me to go prying into his life when there's so much material out there floating around.

6:03 PM  
Anonymous DARRYL MASON said...

They've all got you looking awfully on the offensive, Beck. Not a good look.

6:24 PM  
Anonymous J F Beck said...

Yes, it was particularly nasty of me to point out that Linda McCartney's vegetarian diet did not save her from a relatively early death.

7:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The stalking laws are to protect the weak from scary people. This you are not. You are a lawyer. You are not weak. You are just a pratt with an obnoxious personality and equally obnoxious political views. I would love to watch the magistrate throw your tawdry claim out of court. Please post the place and date of the hearing. Thanks!

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Linda McCartney died? That's hilarious!'

I wouldn't go there considering how much fun Jeremy Sear and his lover had laughing about the press coverage of a recent gang bashing in Melbourne.

I wonder how long Jeremy is going to keep AL and Grods going? Now he is getting a little bit of publicity on a proper blog and everybody can read the nasty material he's put his name to.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want to talk to Beck you should probably address your comment to him, not me.

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nasty comments and Jeremy go together like stink and doggie do.

1:15 PM  

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